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BlizzGC review the latest gaming hardware, to help you make informed purchase decisions and have the best gaming experience possible.
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Gaming Mouse Setup Guide
This guide will help you understand your mouse settings and how to change mouse sensitivity, DPI, acceleration and polling rate[...]
Best Gaming Mouse Pads 2017
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Best Mouse Bungee 2017
When I first discovered mouse bungee's, my initial thought was "is this a joke". But eventually, I grew sick of[...]

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BlizzGC has a simple mission statement, we research the best gaming hardware allowing gamers to purchase the best gaming hardware out there without wasting hours and hours performing research. We have done the hard work for you and we keep our guides up to date and valid, unlike other blogs we don't churn out post after post we build what we call "Evergreen reviews" where each page is continuously updated ensuring our readers are always reading up to date fresh reviews.

  • High Quality, evergreen always updated guides and reviews
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